Discover the enchanting attractions!

25m discobad

25 Meter Disco Bath

Swimming pool with light effects

Outdoor Pool

Outdoor swimming pool

The Bubbletons

Jacuzzi with light effects
Glijdende Banden

Sliding Tires

Slide with light effects
disco slide

Disco Slide

Choose your own music and lights
halvar's drakkar

Halvar's Drakkar

Spraying with water cannons

The Storm Bath

Swimming pool with waves and storms


Warm Viking hut
sky drop

Sky Drop

Free fall from a height of 20m
Snorre's Glijbaan

Snorre's Slide

Better than Tjure's slide?
Tjure's Glijbaan

Tjure's Slide

Better than Snorre's slide?
Viking Race

Viking Race

Slide with 3 side by side
Wickie Beach

Vic's Beach

Enjoy the outdoors
Wickie's Speeldorp

Vic's Play Village

Play with water
Wild River

Wild River

Discover magical places
Ylvi's Peuterbad

Ylvi's Toddlerspool

Swimming pool for the smallest Vikings