Lockers are available in the changing rooms where clothes can be stored safely. These lockers work with a token system. There is a vending machine at the entrance to Plopsaqua De Panne where you can buy a token to use a locker in the changing rooms. You pay 5 euro for this token (in cash or with your bank card). On returning the token, you will receive 2 euro in return.

When leaving
When leaving Plopsaqua De Panne, you can either exhange the coin and receive 2 euro in return (so using a locker will cost you € 3), or you can keep the coin for your next visit. The coin remains valid.

Why do I have to pay for my locker coin?
You pay 5 euros for a locker coin. After your visit, you can exchange the coin and receive 2 euro in return. However, we recommend you to keep your coin and use it on each visit to Plopsaqua De Panne. By not offering the coins for free, we prevent visitors from taking too many lockers per person and can guarantee that there's a locker available for every visitor.

In Plopsaqua De Panne it's not allowed to enter the park with bags. Diaper bags are admitted.  

Plopsa cannot be held responsible for any theft, damage or loss of your belongings.